Monday, May 23, 2011

I Am Jealous

I know he loves me and I believe him so but I can't help myself being jealous at times. But the good thing about me being jealous is that I am not allowing myself to be controlled of such negative emotion.

I guess I have to keep myself in focus, concentrating much on the good things rather than on its opposite. That I have to fully build and strengthen my trust on him.

Above all, I know I should pray and I really must because that's the only thing that could keep everyone to be patient enough about life and love.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hope Nivea Would Love Me too

My friend Niko is very much appreciative of those packages sent by Nivea to her. I have also expressed my interest on the same since she shared the thing with me.

Honestly, I am a loyal and frequent Nivea user. I love the products and I do trust the quality and its superb effects to maintain  a woman's beauty and personal hygiene.

I just hope Nivea would love me as well. Rest assured that I will continuously promote the products.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CC: Boss Thoughts of My Being A Mommy

I have asked my husband about what he thinks of me as a mother to my son Coi and I am glad he answered me positively else I would throw him out of the room tonight. Hehe!
He said that I am a caring and loving mom despite me being busy working in the office, that I can still teach my son well and I can give him all his needs.
He is glad to meet someone like me who can impose discipline to my child. I may not be the best mother but at least I have the heart of a mom and acting as one for Coi.
Belated Happy Mother's Day to the moms in the blogosphere!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Overly Romantic

"And it's overly romantic but I know that it's real, I hope you don't mind if I say what I feel". What I feel may not be fully related to the song but I know I am becoming really overly romantic these days.

But I love what I am doing. I love taking care of my boss, attending to his needs. I love being a wife the same way as I love being a mother to my son.

I feel better and happier everyday and I am constantlly praying that this feeling won't end. <3

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Unsuccessful Marriage

Even if it is not an ideal scenario, still it happens. There may be a lot of marriage set-up ending not successful. Sometimes, we try to question couples going through the situation and we assume that things are just so easy to handle. But we have to understand the reality that we couldn't grasp a thing unless we experienced it.
If you are a friend of someone who have been in that kind of broken relationship, you may or may not ask. Not that you need to tolerate the wrong doings but it's enough you have given advice and spoken of your opinion on the matter but do not ever interfere. You may symphatize on how they feel but do not insist in telling them what to do instead.
We need not put our shoes on theirs to grab an idea of what causes these things to happen. It is a fact that there are some irreconcilable differences between persons which both of them can no longer embraced and sometimes it would be better for them to part ways than stay on the relationship and eventually hurt each other more. There are issues which are hard for people to resolve. There are some portions in life where you can not force them to accept.
More often than not we just need to charge things to experience. Anyways, experience is the best teacher. Who knows? Hopes remain and the next time around they'll be able to carry the same instances with ease and adjust themselves to work a relationship out once and for all.
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