Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bagong Pangulo Tungo Sa Bagong Pilipinas (New President Towards New Philippines)

Bagong Pangulo Tungo Sa Bagong Pilipinas (New President Towards New Philippines)


June 30, 2010 most awaited date for some Filipinos especially to those closely related to would be first family.


I personally didn't have the chance to vote. Given the opportunity, I would not probably choose him, not because I'm against him in any ways but because I believe even more to one of his opponents.


Nevertheless, I am hopeful now. I am expecting that what has been promised would be put into a concrete paradigm, that his idealism would be visible to the eye of every Filipinos and would give each of us a fair advantage.


It's worth the try for Noynoy however Filipinos even has enough civil liberties to be heard. So with his aim of moving towards a renewed country I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. After several years of being deeply drowned in a shameful image of our government; I, as an individual, am looking forward for a better Philippines to be even more proud about. Simply because I love to be a Filipino.


Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! (Long Live Philippines!)




Monday, June 28, 2010

Surprised by an Assignment

After three (3) days off from office, I somehow missed the job.Expecting there would be a lot of emails to read, that was the first thing I did - I logged in to my Lotus Notes.Seeing my manager's name in bold is an indication that he has sent me a note. Today it wasn't just a note. 

I was so surprised  to see that I have an assignment. Receiving a task from him isn't new but the particular thing that he asked me to do was the one that really bothered me in some ways.

Why? Because that is something I haven't done for a long time in my entire working years. I was able to have a full grasp of it during my undergraduate years in college. 

 And this is what he exactly asked me to do - to compute for the Financial Stability of a certain company.The first thing that came up to my mind are those financial ratios I've studied back then. Ratios that would tell you the performance and stability of a company through certain figures expressed in percentage or in decimal numbers. Glad that I perfectly got the point.

Whew! Doesn't it appears so exciting? Well, its either yes or no. But for me it really depends, I would love to do it if only I have the full concentration to do so. But of course I will definitely do it as I've got no choice - he's the boss.  Hehe! 

On the other hand, thanks to investopedia for sharing a clear guide which refreshes me on this kind of accounting activity.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Bonding Moment with Macoi

Lately when Coi was nagging at me asking me to load his Pooh the Bear DVD here in my desktop.

I almost didn't allow him as I was busy with my blogging activities til I realized that we can do both things at one time.

So I put his DVD on and played one of his favorite cartoon movies while I am blog hopping at writing just like this.

He sat beside me and had fun watching through the mini window while I am enjoying visiting and following blog sites.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Frustrated but Happy for Coi on His 2nd Birthday

Yes I am frustrated because I wasn't able to complete my blog for Macoi before his 2nd birthday.

I might as well do these in the following days while I let you know of how we have celebrated his birthday.

Happy Birthday my baby! I so love you! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

I thank the Lord everyday for giving you to me. You're the greatest gift I have ever received.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Not in the Mood

Just got home and I feel so tired.
Just wanna browse and hop around sites.
I'd like to write as well, until my eyes get to sleep.
But I'm not in the mood.
Can't think of a topic.
No ideas coming out of my mind.
Maybe I should just take a rest and have myself recharged.
Till next time.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Certified Papa's Girl

I am a certified Papa's girl. I can still remember when my parents decided to be separated I was asked by them who will I choose to live with. I was three years old then and I determinedly chosen my Papa. For me, Papa was the best till this time.

Now Papa is already 52yo and still working for my little brothers and sisters (half). If I will be asked again to decide, I want him now to stay home with me so he can finally take a rest. I so love Papa. Happy father's day.

Happy father's day to Dadi (Ronnie), to my father-in-law (to be), to my uncles who have been my second daddies, to my friend's daddies too and to all the fathers out there,


Personally Pressured

Yes I am.
Not because of anybody asking me to finish something. 
Not about office tasks.
Not about home works and all.
But because of my personal drive.
I have committed to write and post about My Prince's life till he reach his Second year on Thursday.
How am I gonna do it? 
Let's see.
But it is a must.
I demand - from myself. Hehe!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Almost messed up...

I was really busy today.
Busy as a bee.
Almost drained that I had to leave my tasks even before I get totally exhausted.
I'll just get back to them tomorrow.
Just have to reestablish myself.
How was I doing the a tax and legal documentation?
I'm getting bored and was very vocal about it.
I want these papers to be completely done coz it's really very hard getting tired of things you don't really like doing.
Let's see.
Tomorrow is another day... :D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Serious Me?

It should have been posted earlier as sent thru my email but I don't know what went wrong which made it not to appear in my blog posts.

It goes something like this:

My officemate has just asked me what’s making me serious these days and I immediately replied because I’m doing something that I don’t want to do but I have no choice.

I have tons of workloads but I don’t know where to start. I need to focus my mind on something just as to get going.

Hope I won’t be bothered anymore. I’ll start now analyzing 70 Accounts. My timetable –to finish it until June 20.

Wish me luck again. Apparently, this is just one of my tasks.

Nothing against anybody at office, this is the real thing - life of being an accountant. :D

  Haha! Obviously this isn't me as I don't possess credit cards.

Signs of a being a blog addict...

Lately I've been noticing some things happening to myself which I give credit (I don't blame it) to my blogging activity. These are as follows.
  • Headache due to lack of sleep
  • Low blood pressure
  • Baggy eyes
  • Finger pains
And the next thing I would wanna see in this list is that ----> Weight Loss...


Would you like to add some signs you've encountered personally ???

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heavily laden???

Now it really feels like I am fully loaded and I just realized it today when I was struck by urgent tasks at work - reports, documentations, system processing, active committee participation and all. Previously I thought that this is the first job ever for me where I can get no backlogs, all my reports would be up to date and I can still relax. But this day proves me wrong, all deadlines must be achieved within this week.

Whew! Good luck to me, while my objective still lies in doing all these things within the working schedule, without me having to render overtime work. LJPGM.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stressed, Shameful, Happy, Excited and Shocked me...

Thanks God It's Friday... Thanks God that from being so stressed at work it turned out into a positive emotion.

Today, I felt the Friday sickness like most employees seem but I didn't have the choice as I have some deliverables to accomplish. My daily report, monthly requirements and special requests which happened to be urgent and important. Comparing myself to a basketball player I did it in a buzzer beater way, just in time to shoot. 

Apart from the stressed environment, I had this bloopers I did not intend. So busy working, with headset on and iPhone at max volume I didn't noticed that I was singing out loud the song "A very special love" till my seatmates informed about it. Haha! Shameful me and my officemates teased me that I did the singing full of emotions. I just don't know, if I made it according to it's tune.

After the stress and shame, we left for SM Rosario. There I seemed to be transformed happily having dinner with my office friends and this got me so excited to blog. Just waiting for Xyra to upload the pics and my hands will be typing about it soon. 

It was raining hard when we planned to go home. Thanks to Isay that she decided to send me home with "jazztee" (hope to have it spelled correctly... hihi).

Arrived home safely. My cousin asked me to join them getting their Blood Pressure. Then I was shocked to know that I got low BP - and this was brought about my newest addiction - blogging.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Worried for Grandma...

At around 1pm this afternoon, my cousin texted me about my grandma. He told me that lola can no longer walk and even stand from where she was sitting. It was as if an electric current that ran through my veins. I almost panicked wanting to rush home. Not knowing what to do, I just informed my father and even my fiance about it.

Till my cousin texted back again telling me that everything went somehow fine no need for us to take lola to the hospital. Thanks God!

This instance brought me into some sort of paranoia and this made me realized how much I love my lola.

Dearest friends please pray for my lola - for her to stay longer with us free from illnesses and pains...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Emo Mode...

Yah right... after more than a year... i'm coming back as I'd like to go back to blogging again... i'm afradi I might not be able to sustain but at least I tried...

And this time, i'm in a total emo mood again... can't explain the feelings I am having right now... I am a so confused and a bit disturbed... can't figure out what's going on...

These past few days, i guess I am lost - lost into something i still don't know... feels like i am being pulled apart... is it some sort of an identity crisis - as what my officemate said... nahh... all i know is that i am sad... what brought me to this feeling is something i must realized...

I've been into funny and to some extent scary things because my mind really flies... instances where I do not response to somebody talking to me because I was looking into nothingness... an alcohol accidentally used to clean my face... cellphones I forgot to bring... and a bus that almost hit me on the road...

I feel really exhausted of somethings... and I am hoping that this too shall pass...
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