Monday, August 30, 2010

Blessing in Disguise

After a few days of rest from blogging, I am now getting back to it. I suddenly lost the enthusiasm to write but I guess it was a blessing in disguise as I would not probably be able to act on my duties for yesterday's occasion.

I actually did a lot of activities. I helped in cleaning the house, cooked leche flan for dessert, arranged some things for the venue, did the grocery and just a while ago I did the laundry. I might not have done these if I did not pull myself temporarily away from my blogs.

Now that I am back, I am updating them all. On the other hand, I don't promise to do it everyday as I have to divide my time for my sports activities. Tomorrow I'll be on a badminton game then on the next day is going to be our volleyball practice.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

LTINS: Dear Dora The Explorer

Dear Dora The Explorer,

Happy Birthday and I hope I can make your day happy indeed.

I am so sorry. It is not my intention to imitate you. It just happened. I never thought it would come to this. My baby is a boy and I am not allowing him to watch something feminine in any sense so I do not let him watch you most of the time.

However, I have gotten too tired about my fly-away and tangled hair and have finally decided to ask the lady barber to cut it out. 

And here is how I look now, I looked just like you. I think it is just the bangs that is missing. My friends are calling me "Dora" now.

Forgive me Dora. I promise to have a new hair style in the next few days. 

Truly Yours,

Anne the Explorer

Hehe! I actually had my hair cut in a salon last Sunday and I just asked the beautician to cut it straight. Surprisingly this was the result. Somehow, I don't like but just for a change I will let it stay this till it gets a little longer before I could have another hair style.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CC: When Simple Sorry Is Not Enough

I know how to forgive and sometimes you need not say sorry just as to be forgiven. But I easily gets pissed about a thing that's repeatedly said and done. I bet anybody does not like the same scenario. This is really annoying for me specially if it involves critical matter.

Most of the times, he take things light and easy, as if there was really no problem or as if he can get things done in an instant while for me the issues are too sensitive and cannot just be left untouched.

It happened to us though I cannot fully share the details. Because of that we did not talk for quite some time. In cases like these, I always ask for space, for a time to contemplate about things in which I never want to hear anything from him even if he already said sorry and all. When we both get to realize things that makes our relationship stronger. 

I just wish that there would always be a point of reconciliation between us, that he will never get tired of my perfectionist character. :) 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ruby Tuesday : Viva Sto. Niño

My son and My Aunt in red
This photo was taken when we first joined a Feast of Sto. Niño (Holy Child) procession.  The activity was fun. There were a lot of Sto. Niño images which were brought to the parade, candies thrown on the streets and street dancing happens as people walk towards the church. This is being done once a year, every last Sunday of January in our area.

Second Best

I have teased my friends lately why should I have to always be at second best? 
But of course it was just a joke.
Thinking about it further is just to evaluate the realities of life.
Everyone of us has our own priorities. 
Be it a thing, an activity or a person.
We may not always be considered best by some people but definitely there would always be someone who treats you more than you think is best for you.
Sometimes to be fair is one of the best characters; yet it is not bad to put someone on top based on your personal qualifications. 
Qualifications which may not be the usual criteria for most people.
That is why we have our best friends, best possessions, best foods, best places and etc.
It really depends on how we consider a thing.
More often than not a person of the opposite sex which we have chosen as the best is the one we have opted to meet in front of the altar.
That definitely happens thinking that we have held someone who is really at their best only to realize in the end that someone was left out and you actually fell for somebody who is just a second best. 
Regrets then follow. =(

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Stealing: The Majorly Personal Meme, Part One

Sunday Stealing: The Majorly Personal Meme, Part One
Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. Are you happier now than you were five months ago? - Yes... Five months ago I was contemplating on leaving my previous employer.

2. Have you ever slept in the same bed with anyone that you shouldn't have? - No comment. hehe!

3. Can you sleep in total darkness? - Yes...

4. Your phone is ringing. It’s the person you fell hardest for, the one who got away, what do you say? - How are you?

5. What do you think about the weather this summer? - Sometimes I don't like it... it's too hot outside...

6. How many people do you trust with everything? - less than ten people...

7. What was the last thing you drank? - Cola

8. Is there anyone you want to come see you? - Yes,

9. Name one thing you love about winter? -  the winter jacket... :)

10. Have you ever dated a Goth? - No...

11. What are you looking forward to tomorrow? - Playing volleyball with office mates...

12. Name something you dislike about the day you’re having? - My period...

13. What's the longest that you have committed to one person and one person only? - Hahaha! I'd rather laugh about it...

14. What’s the first thing you did when you opened your eyes today? - hugged my son Coi

15. Has anyone ever told you they never want to ever lose you? - A lot... and it turned out to its opposite... wahehe!

16. Is there anybody that you wish you could fix your relationship with? - Honestly, none... I don't wanna get back to any of them...

17. Could you go out in public, looking like you do now? - Of course, I just have taken a bath and changed my dress... I'm thinking of going out really...

18. Do you think things will change in the next 3 months? How? - Yes, i'm looking forward to a better carreer...

19. Do you believe that you never know what you got until you lose it? - yeah, I always get into this situation...

20. Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to? - yes, i have a lot of guy friends...

This is my first time joining here. Happy Sunday! 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Disclosure Policy

This policy is valid from 21 August 2010

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The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content.

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This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content may not always be identified.

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Billiards Night_August 20, 2010

Unlike last Friday the 13th, this time I was able to join them. Though almost canceled we still managed to pursue the plan of playing billiards in a place where we just saw along the road few weeks back.

We decided to make it a little bit quick than the usual night out. Last week, they stayed until 2am but now we had it until 8pm.

Six (6) sets of 8-balls is not bad anymore. We have gotten ourselves in three (3) competing teams, Isay and Usyo, Dante and Me, and the girls who had so much rice on their chests Xye and Metz (peace!). 

I can still remember how we have talked about playing billiard just one time on our way home. Dante asked Isay if she knows how to play it; firmly she answered "hindi, 8-balls lang" (no, just the 8-balls). We were hardly laughing that night on her response as billiards and 8-balls are two similar things, it is just that the 8-balls is a variation of playing billiard.

Among the six (6) games that we had, it is our team who got the most number of wins, four out of six, then the rest should be accounted to Usyo and Isay's tandem. However, it  was not me who contributed much on winning, I guess I just had one or two balls in the hole for each set. We just discovered that Dante plays billiards so well.

While we were playing, there were food served on the side tables. We had 12packs of pancit canton, 7cups of rice, 2tins of corned beef and 2bottles of 1.5L softdrinks. Imagine how we had them get in to our stomach at one time. That really made us totally full and we ended up not spending more. Sometimes, it is more satisfying enjoying times together in a simple setting.

Our next plan, bowling moment. Pictures to be shared once uploaded.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Five Questions Friday

1. Do you have any nicknames and if so how did it come about? 
 - My father and my grandma usually call me "Nene", my friends use "Mhe-Anne" or sometimes just "Mhe" or just "Anne", my ex-office mates addressed me as "Mary" while in my current job they prefer "Odoño" (my surname) but there's this one unique nick name given by my ex-housemate and friend and it is "Merele", for whatever the meaning is, that I still don't know until now.

2. What is your birth order amongst your siblings? 
 - I am the oldest among eleven (11) children alive- six (6) of them are my half siblings from my father's side and four (4) from my mother's. I have a deceased brother who is actually older than I am but he lived for four (4) days only from the day he was born.

3. In a movie of your life, who would play your significant other? 
- story yet to be written, have not yet decided... hehe!

4. What is currently your favorite song? 
- Last of all days, I love the melody and the lyrics.

5. Are you saving your money for anything right now? Big or small purchase? 
- Not really, I don't have any extra money to be saved, just enough for our daily living.

I enjoy joining here for the first time.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

LTINS: Dear Tropang 5 + 1

There shouldn't be any biased so I decided to address my letter to my dearest group of friends. 

I have once shared how we have spent our lives together back in our college days and I am just so happy that I still have them.

This will be my first post for my first time to join:

Dearest Beth, Kat, Dhang, Nheng and Jho,

My other friends would probably pinch my groin when I have said that this is without favoritism while I have chosen you to be my subject for this post.
top-bottom, left-right: dhang, myself, kat, beth, nheng
Well, I bet you knew already how I treasure everyone of you. You have been part of my wonderful existence in this world.

Beth the conservative - you might not be able to fully relate to my not so wholesome stories but you are there to understand. I am thankful that you have not dropped me despite my being liberated and all.

Kat with an "h" portraying the role of a perfect daughter - I may be your opposite in that sense but still you are so supportive of me. Not as an enabler (google's term for kunsintidora)  or a spoiler (accdg to niko)  in some sort but someone who has simply broadened her mind to appreciate my well-being.
left-right: dhang, mhe-anne, beth and jho

Dhang my partner in crime - we are but firm keepers (really?) of each others' darkest  secrets while the rest of them will just know things eventually. You were the very first I have met among them and you have acted as my closest confidante even you are miles away now.

Nheng the most thoughtful sweetie - despite being a villain to you, you never failed to recognize me. I may have been your most contradicting friend but see where I am now - I am your apprentice and you are my mentor. 

Jho a foster friend - I can still remember how you have welcomed me to your home while I was once a stow away. You have also shown your deepest concern in me.

BRUs you are all important to me. You are more than my sisters I cannot live without. I thank you for accepting the real me, for being such open-minded individuals who still care for me despite of. No words can describe how much I am grateful for having you all and the rest of my friends out there. I am indeed lucky and can even be considered as the richest of all for being blessed with so much friends.

My apology if I have offended you at times. I love you guys.

Your youngest and chubbiest sister,


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sensitive Me

Lately I have noticed myself being extra sensitive.

I easily feel offended by my friends' jokes despite knowing that those were just joke really.

Even my mood swings have became apparent.
I simply get annoyed of things and I could not perceive my voice turning out louder than the usual.

Admittedly, these things do happen yet sometimes unintentional.

I am just thankful that I have such understanding friends who are now getting used to my character.


CC: I am the Boss

I preferred to be wholesome for this week's CC.

I am the Boss.

I basically have a strong personality, a dominant one. So every time I want something I make sure that I'll get it even if he does not agree. It may be bad in a sense as we are supposed to have common decision but I always see to it that I have my point.

So it's simply what Anne wants, Anne gets.

For more couple stories, you may click the badge below:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Glad to Have Real Life Friends in the Blogosphere

Lately, I have been very vocal and expressive about my blogging activity. How I was encouraged, how I built my sites and all the stuff, how I win friends in here and especially on how I earn and continuously earning from it.

Just today I have assisted a friend on how to do things in order to have a blog. It was a success. He is now into it and his site was entitled Pom's Theory. He has decided to focus more on techie things being an IT professional. With his curiosity, determination and interest, I guess he has a lot to share.

Coinciding today's successful blog creation is the joy of knowing that my former office mate has finally  made herself her master piece.

She is Miss Joy, my ex-boss. Aside from being the kindest boss ever, she is an ultimate pet lover. Her heart is on cats - she treats them more like human. And so her blog was named Meowl:All in a cat's life (.... - a reflection on life through the adventures of two beings: Tyler and Mok, cats who are gracious enough to share their point of views on human journeys.

With that, I am just so happy in welcoming them in the blogosphere. In no doubt, they will have fun especially when they came to the point of earning while enjoying their craft.

To my blogger pals out there, please have no shilly-shally following them.I am sure they would love to follow you back. If you do so, I will be your extra follower. It's as if getting a buy-two-take-one thing.

You may click on the links within this post or you may simply copy and paste below URLs to your address bar:

Just in case you haven't gone to my other sites, you may check out below links as well.

Just For A Thought
My Prince ---> Macoi
Trying Hard Techie

Words are not enough to thank you guys for considering us to be your on-line friends.

Ruby Tuesday: How Ruby Ended

 I was not able to consistently watch Ruby as it was aired on the Kapamilya Network (Philippines' ABS-CBN Channel 2). I think I have seen its first parts only and the rest were just stories I heard from my office mates.

But last Friday, I did not let the night pass not watching the last and final episode. It has a sad ending though the best thing about it is the realization Ruby has went through.

From the mischievous type of  a beautiful lady, she turned out to be a kind-hearted woman though possessing a scar on her face and her other leg amputated.

And I guess majority of people are basically like that, they let something awful happened prior to changing themselves for the better. Well, regrets and realization usually transpire in the end of every story - none really comes first as we never know what happens next.

Literally as it is, this will be my share for this week's Ruby Tuesday.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

An Old Letter From A Friend

I happened to see this letter in between my bible's pages. I guess this was written seven (7) years back.

I love how it was written and the thought within its phrases, and I feel obliged to have it typed again here.

Here it goes:


It has brought me back to the time when I felt so helpless , deeply hurt and affected by a relationship that was broken - a heartache indeed.

And now it just proves how time heals all wounds. I can simply laugh at all these things this time.

I really want to thank chitchay for always being there for me, for always lending her ears and for shedding her words of enlightenment just as for me to wake up from this nightmare.

I miss you tol. Luv yah too!

This will be my share for today's

My first time here. Hope you can follow me and I shall return the favor. Thanks!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thanks for the Nice Pair of Studs

I love surprises. I am a sentimental type of person. I am simply appreciative of things even if you hear me complaining often times. Not that I am bragging to much about myself but this is just a sort of introduction of how I want to thank a friend. I want to thank her for giving me this:
a pair of earrings from Isay
One day she asked me if I wear dangling earrings and I said I do, that I even have collections of them; some too long even reaching my shoulders. With that, I realized that she inquired on such because she was planning to give me this fine accessory. This thing I did not actually expect as I have not asked for it.

I have once told her that she was one of the nicest person I have ever met; she really is. Even if she has a lot to boast you will not hear a word from her. She remains to be humble and kind. She really is a thoughtful type of friend.

Thank you so much Isay. I just love it. I'll be wearing this on Monday.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thank You for the Uplifting Comment

It is indeed a wonderful feeling to be appreciated, to be recognized that you are doing something good especially during those times when you least expect it.

Just this afternoon, I was so surprised when one of my colleagues approached me and said "Hi Mhe-anne! I like your blogs". We had never bumped in nor had even just a petty conversation. All I know is that he is one of my closest friends' special someone and we are FB friends. I really did not expect that I have constant followers even if I did not personally ask them to read my senseless bragging at times (as I usually tell some of my friends to visit my sites for traffic, hehe!).

I just want to thank Chris Goldman for expressing such heartwarming remarks.Hope you won't get tired of reading my piece of writing. It is very much appreciated.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sick Again

I went home from office not feeling so well. I guess I was greatly affected of today's weather.
We were obliged to attend a company wide meeting in one of our facilities within the CEPZA compound today. Prior to getting to my office mate's car is a slight rain which I have ignored. I neither attempted to use an umbrella nor cover my head with something such as a hanky for a sort of shield. Reaching the place and alighting from the car is of the same scenario - drizzle strikes on our way to the basketball court where the meeting was held.

During the entire gathering is such an uncomfortable feeling for us, humid and hot. We were almost bathing on our own sweat.I guess these instances brought me into this kind of feeling.

Back to my work station, I was already experiencing terrible headache, colds came out and I am now barking like a dog. 

photo from internet
This just proves that irregular and interchanging weather conditions bring illness so we might as well take extra care for ourselves so we can avoid getting sick.

Ramadan 2010

I have Muslim friends. I see them nice opposite to the usual notions that we hear. And I do admire them on how they observe their holiest of months which they termed "Ramadan".  

Ramadan is a month when Q'uran was revealed. It involves those days of prayer and fasting in which majority of them strictly follow. I remember I had Muslim classmates before during my review classes. They do get out of the class just as to pray regardless whether they miss a lesson or not. They do respect moments of prayer. 

photo from internet
How I wish we can be like them in honoring our own Allah (ouch for me!). We should also observe having intimate communication with Jesus. It may not be at the same time and approach as how they do it but we can join them in their objective of continuously praising the Lord.

I bet some of us are just excited for the end of Ramadan as it means another non-working holiday. Am I Right?

August 11, 2010 is the start of Ramadan for this year and will end on September 09, 2010.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Okay to Get Mad

Sometimes it's just okay to get mad. By being mad you get hold of what you're asking. By being mad you tend to realized things right after you have released the elements of anger.

Why am I telling you this? Because if I didn't get mad my internet connection will not probably be back till this time. Yes, you read it right. My connection is already fixed after I got totally mad yesterday. I may not have gotten angry to the rightful person but at least my angst was sent for appropriate action.

Thank you to those who have settled this trouble. It may have taken longer than expected but at least it is already resolved now. Better late than never.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Very Important Visitor at Home

A Very Important Visitor at Home


These past few weeks, I must admit that we do not go to church on a regular basis every Sunday. And I am so glad that we were given a chance for something like this.


Mama Mary is our newest companion. Her image was brought to our house and will stay there for a week. It means a week of prayer for us at home. I am hoping that the peace she brings will stay as well and will remain with us even when she leaves.


It is just so unfortunate that her visit coincided with our busy season in office so it is seldom that I join them praying the rosary.


I do believe in Mama Mary being Jesus' mother. I am wishing that she will continue to guide us and help us with our prayers.




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