Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Glad to Have Real Life Friends in the Blogosphere

Lately, I have been very vocal and expressive about my blogging activity. How I was encouraged, how I built my sites and all the stuff, how I win friends in here and especially on how I earn and continuously earning from it.

Just today I have assisted a friend on how to do things in order to have a blog. It was a success. He is now into it and his site was entitled Pom's Theory. He has decided to focus more on techie things being an IT professional. With his curiosity, determination and interest, I guess he has a lot to share.

Coinciding today's successful blog creation is the joy of knowing that my former office mate has finally  made herself her master piece.

She is Miss Joy, my ex-boss. Aside from being the kindest boss ever, she is an ultimate pet lover. Her heart is on cats - she treats them more like human. And so her blog was named Meowl:All in a cat's life (.... - a reflection on life through the adventures of two beings: Tyler and Mok, cats who are gracious enough to share their point of views on human journeys.

With that, I am just so happy in welcoming them in the blogosphere. In no doubt, they will have fun especially when they came to the point of earning while enjoying their craft.

To my blogger pals out there, please have no shilly-shally following them.I am sure they would love to follow you back. If you do so, I will be your extra follower. It's as if getting a buy-two-take-one thing.

You may click on the links within this post or you may simply copy and paste below URLs to your address bar:

Just in case you haven't gone to my other sites, you may check out below links as well.

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Words are not enough to thank you guys for considering us to be your on-line friends.

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