Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CC: When Simple Sorry Is Not Enough

I know how to forgive and sometimes you need not say sorry just as to be forgiven. But I easily gets pissed about a thing that's repeatedly said and done. I bet anybody does not like the same scenario. This is really annoying for me specially if it involves critical matter.

Most of the times, he take things light and easy, as if there was really no problem or as if he can get things done in an instant while for me the issues are too sensitive and cannot just be left untouched.

It happened to us though I cannot fully share the details. Because of that we did not talk for quite some time. In cases like these, I always ask for space, for a time to contemplate about things in which I never want to hear anything from him even if he already said sorry and all. When we both get to realize things that makes our relationship stronger. 

I just wish that there would always be a point of reconciliation between us, that he will never get tired of my perfectionist character. :) 


Mommy Liz said...

Hey there, I think I know what you're talking about. Repetition can be really annoying. But there are some people that, they keep saying sorry and at the same time, keep doing the same mistake. Oh well, I guess, you just have to endure it and hope that he would realize that he's being pathetic. Naki criticize ako, sorry... thanks for joining our CC this week.

Rossel said...

everybody deserves another chance, sis. and because he loves you that much he won't get tired of forgiving you.

shydub said...

pareho tayo sister, kakainis ang sorry minsan parang wala ng laman sa akin ang salitang yan pag galing sa hubby ko.

Wifey10 said...

Yes gurl minsan kakainis yong sorry pag ma init pa yung ulo mo, parang feeling mu pag accapt mu iisipin nya ok lang lahat ta sa susunod ok lang uli. Yong hubby ko napakadaling magsorry kahit ako yung may kaslanan. hehe..kaya spoiled ako sa kanya tuloy.
Basta girl always remember never sleep without patching things up.

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