Thursday, August 19, 2010

LTINS: Dear Tropang 5 + 1

There shouldn't be any biased so I decided to address my letter to my dearest group of friends. 

I have once shared how we have spent our lives together back in our college days and I am just so happy that I still have them.

This will be my first post for my first time to join:

Dearest Beth, Kat, Dhang, Nheng and Jho,

My other friends would probably pinch my groin when I have said that this is without favoritism while I have chosen you to be my subject for this post.
top-bottom, left-right: dhang, myself, kat, beth, nheng
Well, I bet you knew already how I treasure everyone of you. You have been part of my wonderful existence in this world.

Beth the conservative - you might not be able to fully relate to my not so wholesome stories but you are there to understand. I am thankful that you have not dropped me despite my being liberated and all.

Kat with an "h" portraying the role of a perfect daughter - I may be your opposite in that sense but still you are so supportive of me. Not as an enabler (google's term for kunsintidora)  or a spoiler (accdg to niko)  in some sort but someone who has simply broadened her mind to appreciate my well-being.
left-right: dhang, mhe-anne, beth and jho

Dhang my partner in crime - we are but firm keepers (really?) of each others' darkest  secrets while the rest of them will just know things eventually. You were the very first I have met among them and you have acted as my closest confidante even you are miles away now.

Nheng the most thoughtful sweetie - despite being a villain to you, you never failed to recognize me. I may have been your most contradicting friend but see where I am now - I am your apprentice and you are my mentor. 

Jho a foster friend - I can still remember how you have welcomed me to your home while I was once a stow away. You have also shown your deepest concern in me.

BRUs you are all important to me. You are more than my sisters I cannot live without. I thank you for accepting the real me, for being such open-minded individuals who still care for me despite of. No words can describe how much I am grateful for having you all and the rest of my friends out there. I am indeed lucky and can even be considered as the richest of all for being blessed with so much friends.

My apology if I have offended you at times. I love you guys.

Your youngest and chubbiest sister,



niko said...

bwhhaah bigla ako sinipin sa post mo :D prang ang baet ko dito. lol hahaahah

sabi ko na nga ba eh. hormones!! ayan naiyak na ko.

sana lang mabasa nila! hihhihi

thriftrip said...

akala ko, last will na eh. asan ang pamana? hehe.. luv u bru! ang babait ng friends mo dito. parang di ko sila kilala, pati sarili ko.

dhang said...

kaiyak nmn letter mo bru... tats ako.. hihihi!!! pro in all fairness, korekness nmn, fr d bottom of ur bottom, este heart pla... mkhang c kat e me screen name na dn ah.. kaw ba yan abello-gonzales??? namis ko 2loy kyo mga bruks... =(

Anonymous said...

talaga naman may +1 pa... hahaha!!!

Mys said...

Ang sweet ng letter. Thank you for joining.

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