Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sick Again

I went home from office not feeling so well. I guess I was greatly affected of today's weather.
We were obliged to attend a company wide meeting in one of our facilities within the CEPZA compound today. Prior to getting to my office mate's car is a slight rain which I have ignored. I neither attempted to use an umbrella nor cover my head with something such as a hanky for a sort of shield. Reaching the place and alighting from the car is of the same scenario - drizzle strikes on our way to the basketball court where the meeting was held.

During the entire gathering is such an uncomfortable feeling for us, humid and hot. We were almost bathing on our own sweat.I guess these instances brought me into this kind of feeling.

Back to my work station, I was already experiencing terrible headache, colds came out and I am now barking like a dog. 

photo from internet
This just proves that irregular and interchanging weather conditions bring illness so we might as well take extra care for ourselves so we can avoid getting sick.
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