Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Second Best

I have teased my friends lately why should I have to always be at second best? 
But of course it was just a joke.
Thinking about it further is just to evaluate the realities of life.
Everyone of us has our own priorities. 
Be it a thing, an activity or a person.
We may not always be considered best by some people but definitely there would always be someone who treats you more than you think is best for you.
Sometimes to be fair is one of the best characters; yet it is not bad to put someone on top based on your personal qualifications. 
Qualifications which may not be the usual criteria for most people.
That is why we have our best friends, best possessions, best foods, best places and etc.
It really depends on how we consider a thing.
More often than not a person of the opposite sex which we have chosen as the best is the one we have opted to meet in front of the altar.
That definitely happens thinking that we have held someone who is really at their best only to realize in the end that someone was left out and you actually fell for somebody who is just a second best. 
Regrets then follow. =(

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