Saturday, August 21, 2010

Billiards Night_August 20, 2010

Unlike last Friday the 13th, this time I was able to join them. Though almost canceled we still managed to pursue the plan of playing billiards in a place where we just saw along the road few weeks back.

We decided to make it a little bit quick than the usual night out. Last week, they stayed until 2am but now we had it until 8pm.

Six (6) sets of 8-balls is not bad anymore. We have gotten ourselves in three (3) competing teams, Isay and Usyo, Dante and Me, and the girls who had so much rice on their chests Xye and Metz (peace!). 

I can still remember how we have talked about playing billiard just one time on our way home. Dante asked Isay if she knows how to play it; firmly she answered "hindi, 8-balls lang" (no, just the 8-balls). We were hardly laughing that night on her response as billiards and 8-balls are two similar things, it is just that the 8-balls is a variation of playing billiard.

Among the six (6) games that we had, it is our team who got the most number of wins, four out of six, then the rest should be accounted to Usyo and Isay's tandem. However, it  was not me who contributed much on winning, I guess I just had one or two balls in the hole for each set. We just discovered that Dante plays billiards so well.

While we were playing, there were food served on the side tables. We had 12packs of pancit canton, 7cups of rice, 2tins of corned beef and 2bottles of 1.5L softdrinks. Imagine how we had them get in to our stomach at one time. That really made us totally full and we ended up not spending more. Sometimes, it is more satisfying enjoying times together in a simple setting.

Our next plan, bowling moment. Pictures to be shared once uploaded.

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