Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ruby Tuesday: How Ruby Ended

 I was not able to consistently watch Ruby as it was aired on the Kapamilya Network (Philippines' ABS-CBN Channel 2). I think I have seen its first parts only and the rest were just stories I heard from my office mates.

But last Friday, I did not let the night pass not watching the last and final episode. It has a sad ending though the best thing about it is the realization Ruby has went through.

From the mischievous type of  a beautiful lady, she turned out to be a kind-hearted woman though possessing a scar on her face and her other leg amputated.

And I guess majority of people are basically like that, they let something awful happened prior to changing themselves for the better. Well, regrets and realization usually transpire in the end of every story - none really comes first as we never know what happens next.

Literally as it is, this will be my share for this week's Ruby Tuesday.


niko said...

ruby tlga kung ruby :)

yaw ko ung ending nun.. ung bugbugan part.. nkkaloka. bka sipin ni yena oks lng ang bugbugan :D hihihi

Dianne said...

sounds like it is a fascinating story

reg said...

She sure is a lovely lady

lazyclick said...

she is beaytiful.

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