Monday, June 28, 2010

Surprised by an Assignment

After three (3) days off from office, I somehow missed the job.Expecting there would be a lot of emails to read, that was the first thing I did - I logged in to my Lotus Notes.Seeing my manager's name in bold is an indication that he has sent me a note. Today it wasn't just a note. 

I was so surprised  to see that I have an assignment. Receiving a task from him isn't new but the particular thing that he asked me to do was the one that really bothered me in some ways.

Why? Because that is something I haven't done for a long time in my entire working years. I was able to have a full grasp of it during my undergraduate years in college. 

 And this is what he exactly asked me to do - to compute for the Financial Stability of a certain company.The first thing that came up to my mind are those financial ratios I've studied back then. Ratios that would tell you the performance and stability of a company through certain figures expressed in percentage or in decimal numbers. Glad that I perfectly got the point.

Whew! Doesn't it appears so exciting? Well, its either yes or no. But for me it really depends, I would love to do it if only I have the full concentration to do so. But of course I will definitely do it as I've got no choice - he's the boss.  Hehe! 

On the other hand, thanks to investopedia for sharing a clear guide which refreshes me on this kind of accounting activity.

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