Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stressed, Shameful, Happy, Excited and Shocked me...

Thanks God It's Friday... Thanks God that from being so stressed at work it turned out into a positive emotion.

Today, I felt the Friday sickness like most employees seem but I didn't have the choice as I have some deliverables to accomplish. My daily report, monthly requirements and special requests which happened to be urgent and important. Comparing myself to a basketball player I did it in a buzzer beater way, just in time to shoot. 

Apart from the stressed environment, I had this bloopers I did not intend. So busy working, with headset on and iPhone at max volume I didn't noticed that I was singing out loud the song "A very special love" till my seatmates informed about it. Haha! Shameful me and my officemates teased me that I did the singing full of emotions. I just don't know, if I made it according to it's tune.

After the stress and shame, we left for SM Rosario. There I seemed to be transformed happily having dinner with my office friends and this got me so excited to blog. Just waiting for Xyra to upload the pics and my hands will be typing about it soon. 

It was raining hard when we planned to go home. Thanks to Isay that she decided to send me home with "jazztee" (hope to have it spelled correctly... hihi).

Arrived home safely. My cousin asked me to join them getting their Blood Pressure. Then I was shocked to know that I got low BP - and this was brought about my newest addiction - blogging.

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