Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Unsuccessful Marriage

Even if it is not an ideal scenario, still it happens. There may be a lot of marriage set-up ending not successful. Sometimes, we try to question couples going through the situation and we assume that things are just so easy to handle. But we have to understand the reality that we couldn't grasp a thing unless we experienced it.
If you are a friend of someone who have been in that kind of broken relationship, you may or may not ask. Not that you need to tolerate the wrong doings but it's enough you have given advice and spoken of your opinion on the matter but do not ever interfere. You may symphatize on how they feel but do not insist in telling them what to do instead.
We need not put our shoes on theirs to grab an idea of what causes these things to happen. It is a fact that there are some irreconcilable differences between persons which both of them can no longer embraced and sometimes it would be better for them to part ways than stay on the relationship and eventually hurt each other more. There are issues which are hard for people to resolve. There are some portions in life where you can not force them to accept.
More often than not we just need to charge things to experience. Anyways, experience is the best teacher. Who knows? Hopes remain and the next time around they'll be able to carry the same instances with ease and adjust themselves to work a relationship out once and for all.

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