Thursday, April 28, 2011

CC: Boss Isn't Appreciative

I love to cook. Kitchen is one of my favorite spots. Seldom that I failed in my cooking activity. Most of the time, what I cooked taste just right. But my boss isn't appreciative about it. He doesn't want to be asked about the taste of food. So I would rather not attempt.

But just last week I served him sauteed ampalaya (bittergourd)with egg for our lunch. That's the first time I heard him say that our viand was delicious. He ate a lot that time and that pleases me very much.

Even though he tends to say something lacks on everything I cook for him, still he takes more than I expect him to eat. That way I feel simply rewarded. Actions speak louder than words. Burp!

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Jen said...

Super sensitive beauty ko sis kaya mas mabuti pa hindi na lang sasabihin sakin na hindi taste good niluto ko...

Pero as wifeys said on their comments to my CC, better tell me the truth to improve di ba..

Sasabihin ko na nga and i'll try not to hurt..heheh

simply kim said...

hahaha! that's funny... maybe there really is nothing wrong with your cooking, he just said things to tease you, lol!

simply kim said...

mine's HERE by the way..

Cecile said...

lol, wow kinain niya yung ampalaya eh ang pait kaya nun :-); hubby ko din kumakain ng ampalaya eh!

texas_sweetie said...

wow that's cool he ate your ampalaya. mine is opposite and i wrote it in my entry. pls check it out.

mine is up too, hope you take your time checking it out!
When He Doesn't Like The Food I Cook

Mommy Liz said...

Ay naku, masarap talaga kapag napupuri ng hubbies natin ang ating mga luto. Parang lahat ng effort moat pagod eh nawawala. Aba, masarap ang ginisang amplaya ha.. sensiya na, nag tornado kami di ako naka online ng matagal.

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