Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CC: When we are Getting Ready

If there's one thing which easily pisses me off that is if I waited longer than expected. I really hate to wait the same thing as I hate to be late. Very seldom that I came late in an activity, so when there are plans of going out or something even myself just going to office; I make sure that everything has been set - I have thought about the things to bring, what to wear and just about anything. Maybe it's because I became naturally forgetful so I really have to make plans ahead of time. Hehe!

Most of the time I am excited to go out with my love regardless of where we are going as long as I am with him.

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teJan said...

waaahhh..hindi ako papasa sayo.. palagi akong late..heheh

mine is up anne!

Soulful said...

that is good.. preparing ahead of time..

Mommy Liz said...

aba, talaga lang ha, maganda yan, naka prepare na lahat ahead of time. Gayahin ko nga. kasi ako nag pe prepare lang yung malapit ng umalis, kaya maraming nalilimutan, hehehe!

mommy jes said...

ahahay ang sweet! ako dn mag aya lang yun lumabas masyado n ko eksayted! :D kaya uber bilis dn ako :)) haha nagkukumahog! :))

thkns for the visit! now your follower!

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