Sunday, April 17, 2011

CC: Honey Are We Lost?

We haven't been lost together so far with our usual means of transportation - my boss' motorcycle. More often than not he makes sure that the directions are clear going to our destination.

However, there was this one time that we almost end up fighting. I meet up with my friends in a subdivision here in Cavite while he is still in the office. I asked to just follow when his work is done. I gave him the sketch through a text message. I have got no question from him so I was confident then that he knows the place. When he is about to go to my friend's place we do text while he is on his way. Right then I realized that he is lost asa he assumed that the address I have given him is not a subdivision so he stopped from somewhere. He was so annoyed then and so am I as I knew I have given him enough of information. Good thing I was able to control myself and did not even bothered to get back at him in a negative way. Instead I tried to understand him that he was already tired plus the weather is extremely hot that time. Also, he had no choice but to see me as he almost ran out of fuel and the budget is with me. Hehe!

When he get to see me, it was apparent that he's not in the mood but he had to compose himself as that will be his first time to meet my college friends.We tried to talk things out on our way home and glad that no one was so persistent. We just shared our points and both accepted our faults.

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Jona said...

there were also times when we were on the verge of fighting...and lots of patience is really a must to avoid bumps, which is not easy. but it's better than to fight and do or say things that you might regret in the end :D have great day!

Mommy Liz said...

naku, eh normal ata ang ganyan, kasi ang asawa ko nabibigyan ko rin ng wrong direction, at kahit di nya sabihin eh kita kong naasar siya. buti na lang at di pa rin kami nag away ng dahil sa bagay na ganyan, ang boba ko pa naman sa mga maps, di ako marunogn magbasa, wahhhh!

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