Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CC: How Did We Celebrate Being Together

Continuation from last post.

We do celebrate our monthsary which is of course every month just like teenage couples do. Hihi! However, the very moment after our most difficult encounter (so far) there was no extra special celebration that took place.

Things just get back to original, just like the ordinary days where the presence of sweet and kilig moments remains less the quarrel.

Even though it seems normal for us being together we treasure every minute of it. We just love each other that much and I hope that love stays with us and endures forever.

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Pinx said...

with celebration or not at all, what matters most is that you are both happy and reconciled and still together! thanks for dropping by my entry!

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Cecile said...

that is sweet...we don't do that thing...but we celebrate every day that we are together :-)

Mommy Liz said...

Ang sweet naman, talagang everyday ang celebration of love. Minsan kala lang natin di special ang araw na nagdaan, but if we think back, we will realize that it was so special and there's always memories to cherish..

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