Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Comforting Myself on Tax Deductions

If I am not an accountant, I guess it would be harder for me to understand why my net pay this time just got this small considering we have our annual bonus paid as well. It is as if I didn't work for half a month and all I received is a pro-rated incentive equivalent to 75% (prorated).
Sometimes I would like to show angst against the government and the administrators as here we are ordinary people working harder as we can and yet they are sitting on the senate with their colleagues arguing on the millions of money stolen from the fund contributed by us people.
Where are their conscience? I wonder how they can take it feeding their family from something they did not work on.
I firmly believe that this is indeed one of the reasons why our country's progress is still hampered and will remain this way unless the government will change in favor of the Philippines and its people.


Stacy Uncorked said...

Why does it seem that the harder we work the government takes even more from us? It just sucks.

Thanks so much for linking up to RTT - hopefully Keely's hiatus will be a short one! ;)

RTT Rebel

teJan said...

followed here anne..why tou have two?..heheh good day!

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