Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CC: When We Thought its Over

I guess its more than a month ago since we had our hardest fight so far. We got into the point where I threw away his helmet after I asked him to stop the motorcycle, he left me literally alone in the dark (along the highway but he fetched me back) just because of few simple things that we've both misunderstood.

The quarrel started when I suddenly become quiet while we are in a night out. While we have not yet discussed things out, I opened it up to one of our companions during the night who happened to be (as we thought) one of his closest friends.

When his friend and me are already exchanging text messages on how my boss behaves at times, that friend  started to give me some advice which are really against him. I almost felt betrayed and fooled on that moment and made myself realized that at least it is still early for me to learn about boss' purpose on me. In short, I was influenced by those words from a stranger that I almost did not listen to him and got mad at him so bad.

Glad we were able to talk things out and settle the issue on the same night. After a week had passed, that's the only time when we further apprehended that we almost lost each other just because of some persuasive words from a person which were yet unconfirmed. From then on our bond became even stronger and agreed that we must talk about things first prior to listening to other people's opinion. At least we learned from it and we have surpassed the instance when we have thought that it was already over between us.

Since then we're not fighting anymore. =)

And now I am happy to be back here at:


Ai KaiRui Liu said...

well good thing you both talked it over the same night and not letting that other person to win...

here's my entry

Mommy Liz said...

Wow! minsan talaga kapag may third party involve eh nakakasira lang yan ng relationship. Communication is always the best, and understanding each other. Wala naman perfect sa mundo so we have to accept each other flaws and all.

Pehpot said...

welcome back!

at least you both learned your mistake :)

lina@happy family said...

"... we must talk about things first prior to listening to other people's opinion..."
I totally agree with this.

Glad to know that both of you finally can handle the misunderstandings well...

Sorry for my late visit :)

Soulful said...

we really should be very careful about whom to trust..

niko said...

hihihih nabato mo na ba ung motor?? bwahhaha

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