Monday, July 18, 2011

Kikay's Get Together

We are a group of six girl friends. And of course girls are basically fashionistas. We love to buy clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and even make-ups. There are times when we really buy things of the same kind as if we are in uniform for a dance number.

After a long time, last Saturday we did the shopping again at Greenhills Shopping Centre. There I've got my new shoes, a blazer, a black blouse, a striped sando, white shirt for my hubby, set of panties for my cousin and a toy for my baby coi.

Indeed there are vast selections to choose from at Greenhills and take note... at an affordable price. We will never get tired going back in there but for next time we just need to increase our budget.


kim said...

i wish we live close to Greenhills, lol!

kim said...

btw, left you a kiss, hope you kiss me back..

Liz said...

Maybe you would like to buy bedding. I hope you don't mind if I promote my site. thanks

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