Monday, September 13, 2010

The Prodigal Son

Finally, after few months of being absent in holy masses, I was able to hear one yesterday. Admittedly, there really are times where I can't force myself to go to church. I have lost personal drive for quite some time and I am not blaming anybody about it by myself.

The feeling of relief and ease is really different when you have devoted at least a small portion of your time for HIM. It makes your day and even your entire week complete. And I guess, yesterday's gospel is just in proper timing.

It's about the Prodigal Son. Many times I have heard about this parable and the moral of the story was already instilled and retained in my mind.

That no matter how sinful we are, we are still important in the eyes of our Lord. We just need to approach HIM and repent for all the mistakes that we have committed and HE will welcome us and embrace us with joy and forgiveness.

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