Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tons of Greetings for My Birthday

I thought my birthday would be that sad and empty until I realized how people love me. I've got hundreds and hundreds of birthday messages posted on my facebook wall, plus those private and chat messages in the same networking site. Not to mention other on-line greetings and those messages I have got from my three mobile phone numbers.

I really have a lot of friends and I consider myself richer than anybody else. To all who have extended their wishes, thank you so much. You have made my day special than the usual. You just have made me appreciate my worth as a person. More than a material gift, it is really the thought that counts. Merely remembering my birthday is such an awesome present I could ever receive. But I guess I should also give thanks to FB, without the birthday reminder I would not probably gotten this much. Hehe!

Major, major thank you all! Thanks Dear Jesus for granting me another year and for giving me one more chance to change myself-the bad side of me (how I wish I really could do it in an instant). Thanks to my parents for molding me. Thanks to those people who have helped me to become who I am now. Thanks to my baby Macoi for being such a living cute inspiration of mine. I love you all.

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