Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sometimes I really feel deprived of showing the real me or expressing my real thoughts just as because I think about other people's feelings. Not bad maybe, but I guess I do not owe anybody an  explanation on how I do things, on how I act on my life - basically it's mine. 

I tend to be an offender at times but the intention is not really there. I mean , people are most often than not judgmental and it is but natural for them to interpret things on how they would want it to be. Well, that is basically their right and no one or nothing in any case can stop them from doing so. However, it will be more considerable if we will learn the virtue of sympathy. Why don't we put ourselves in the shoes of another? Things appear to be easier as it is at times but words are easier said than done.

I might be speaking to myself on this as I have the tendency to become perfectionist in an instance but still nobody's perfect. None of us was created to be the exact copy of our Maker. So let's try to recognize not just the mistakes committed by others and accept the fact that they too may not have the enough strength to carry things out on how it was supposed to be. Ouch!


Annie said...

You are not speaking alone on this. I tend to try not to offend and still make a point of how I feel about something when I disagree. It is true that people are more apt to respond these days with harshness but because of that, I feel it is all the more important to respond with gentleness.

Mommy Liz said...

There are times that we speak without realizing that we're hurting someone's feelings. But it doesn't mean that we meant to do it. And most of the time even if we want to be tactful, because we're not perfect, we tend to say things that we would regret afterwards.

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