Thursday, July 1, 2010

Month-End Closing Predicament

June end is not just a month end but a quarter close – 2nd Qtr for Fiscal Year 2010.


For most accountants, last part of each month is becoming a routine of stress period when we are bound to face extreme pressures of achieving a certain reporting cut-off.


During this same stage, I am limiting myself connecting through internet during lunch break only. Sometimes I preferred not to open my browser at all; basically to control myself from my addiction – blogging.


But in doing such, I feel like I am depriving myself of something that's making my everyday complete. 


So in as much as I still can, I am visiting my sites once in a while. I love seeing updates and comments to my personal articles. It has become my stress-relief activity. While it is really very hard to maintain multiple sites especially for a newbie like me I am still planning to create one for my other passion and it's for music.


Hopefully I can start doing it after accomplishing all the reports required for June 2010 close.


Hmmn… What could be my best title for it? Maybe I should think about it further when I'm already done with the required tasks.


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