Sunday, July 18, 2010

Emotions Uncontrolled

I'm Tired

Others might not notice but I am really feeling tired. Tired of everything physically, mentally, emotionally.  

I Feel Deprived

I live at my own house, a house I invested from my own labor and earnings but it seems like it isn't mine at all.

I am Angry

Angry at me, as I wanted to speak up but I can't.

I am Sick

I really am not feeling well but seems like I should not act as one.

I am Emotionally an Mentally Stressed

With a lot of questions buzzing my mind, with all problems I want to be resolved and all the difficulties I am facing right now.

I am Guilty

Of something I could not reveal.

Maybe I am totally upset. 

Despite all these, I am still thankful though I was not able to control my emotion today. 

Thanks Coi for comforting momi.

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