Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just Another Unforgettable Night

Last Tuesday, June 29, 2010 we just had another encounter that was full of fun brought about by some bloopers and comic punchlines. That's right after we had our facial pampering activity.

From SM Rosario, with all of us starving to death we went straight to a food house named "Botchoks" where we had our dinner - Me, Isay, Usyo, Dante and Xyra with her bestfriend Khaye.

The first difficulty we had is the unavailability of parking space. Actually there is a reserved area but there was this motorcycle which was parked horizontally blocking our way being customers as well though  Dante was able to arranged about it.

As if a hungry hippo I immediately sat in one of the vacant tables. When all are already seated we started to place our orders. Tapsilog for me and Xye, Tapsi for Usyo, Chicken Pork Adobo for Dante, Grilled Pork for K and another variant of cooked Pork for Isay. And so the bloopers started between Isay and the waitress. 

Isay : Anong pork to? (what kind of pork was this)"  
Waitress : "Pork po" 
Isay :  "Anong luto" (what kind of pork dish?)  
Waitress:  "Pork po" 

That was the time when Isay's blood went up and firmly stressed to the waitress "Alam kong pork yan pero anong luto? (I know that it's a pork but what type of pork dish was that?)" and so the waitress replied clearly that it was a "Lechong Kawali".

After that conversation, we were wondering how the waitress has taken down our orders as she had to repeat that to us in about twice or three times. Though somewhat annoyed I kept myself quiet as I don't want to get mad. All I know was that I am so hungry just like them.

I remember there was this instance, though I was not able to absorb their dialogue, when the waitress acted as if she and K were close friends.

Before our orders were served, we had picture taking. I took Dante, Isay, and Usyo's photo while Usyo returned the favor for me, Xy and K. We never get contented so we asked the waitress to take a picture f the entire group. I handed her the iPhone and taught her that she just had to touch the little camera icon on the screen.

 So she stood away from us and all of a sudden she's giving back the iPhone because she has already taken our picture without us knowing.

 Then we asked her to give us signal prior to taking the shot, we instructed her to count from one to three. In all fairness she did the counting so well and we had our best pose I guess when she reached "three". After the counting she unexpectedly asked us "Game na po? (Are u ready?)" which means that she has not taken the picture yet. And with that we were not able to control ourselves but to laugh at her. We laughed so hard that the camera was able to capture that moment. Funny indeed.

 After that humorous instance, we all proceeded to eat as our orders were served except for K who irately waited for another 5mins or so (I was already done eating when her grilled pork was given). The service was not really perfect as Dante's Tropicana was left unserved till he asked for it.

Somehow I enjoyed the food or maybe I am just too hungry to fully notice its taste. While we were not so happy about the service, the waitress still got our sympathy when she was not allowed by her conceited boss  to keep the change that we intended to give her. 

Until we finally decided to go home, I was dropped by Isay, Usyo and Dante at our Subdivision's entrance while I was talking with my hubby over the phone and I didn't  realized that they heard our conversations. The next day, they were teasing me about my own funny punchline. :D



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