Sunday, July 25, 2010

Negative Emotions Make Me Sick

I guess my ex-boss was right when she told me that my negative emotions are making me sick. Looking at my body-built you will never see in me that I am a person who usually gets ill. But these past few days were as if the evidence of it all. I've got colds, cough and slight fever and I think I have them until now. And they're not leaving me along with my emotions that get higher and higher everyday.
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I'm trying to release them all so I'll be fine but then some people are still pushing me through it. I might come up to the losing end because of this but I can't help myself up. I am mad, I am angry, I am depressed, I am frustrated, I really feel so miserable this time. And I don't know what can make me happy.

I transferred job, to enjoy the convenience of the location, to avoid the long travel time, to give myself more time for my son and for my own leisure and activities even if it has  somehow directed me to a downward career path. I don't intend to forget that I am a mother to my son, I just want to benefit from a balanced-life.

And now I am being misinterpreted, how can I relax? With all those unfair criticisms thrown at me.  This is really pulling me down.

I want to start my week right. I'll try to think of happy thoughts by tomorrow and follow Niko's principle - Honor Your Own Truth.
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