Monday, July 12, 2010


How am I going to activate my pay pal account if my yahoo mail doesn’t load? How am I going to monetize my blogs and earn from it? How I am going to have more friends in the blogosphere if I am not able to blog hop? I am using my MS Word 2007 to write blogs and later upload them to blogger. And uploading is not easy too. I have to extend a lot more patience waiting for an article to be uploaded and be viewed. And most of the time, it fails.

I wish it is not a personal sabotage. Well, maybe I am just a victim of an on-line attack as I am not guilty about something to be harmed that way.

This time all I want is to get back to my usual internet connection just like when it was initially installed. I also would like to eliminate those viruses that spreading here in my desktop.

This has become the other portion of my life. Without it, how can I pursue my hobby of sharing thoughts? How can I keep in touch with friends more frequently? How can I learn things through on-line researches? How can I scout for more stuff? How? How? How?

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