Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Cleansing Act

This will be my last post for tonight as I must go to bed earlier than the usual. I should prepare myself for tomorrow as I was given the chance to do something noble. I will be donating a part of me and it's gonna be my blood.

I was in college when I started to try the deed. There was this program of medicine students hand in hand with the Philippine Red Cross whereas they looked for students whom are willing to donate a blood. I was so fortunate then that I passed the screening. That was the first time I learned about my blood type which is "O". From then on, every time I encounter similar programs I usually acts as a donor.

Donating blood is a charity work. It is a selfless act. It is a life saving move. Consequently, it is not just a third party people who benefits from this but definitely yourself as it is in fact a cleansing process for your body. The prick of a needle may be painful somehow but you don't actually lose a thing. You even gain from it as your blood will instantly be renewed.

I wish I will pass the screening again as I have skipped from donating blood since when I got pregnant (two years back). And wishing further that along with the blood that will be taken away from me are the negative thoughts I have in my mind right now.

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