Friday, July 30, 2010

Tropang Utot-Incomplete

I wonder what they are doing right now, perhaps they are holding on a bottle of beer, eating something, laughing at each other’s funny thoughts. I guess they are enjoying the night together, the three of them Isay, Usyo and Dante; even without me, even without us. Bitter??? Hehe!
They could possibly be talking about me at this very instance or about the rest of the members who were not able to accompany them.
I am just speculating, simply because I am not part of tonight’s gimmick. It is very seldom that I decline invitations especially those made by them. The situation left me no choice that’s why I did not join. However, it could also be counted to my advantage as I would not have to spend something extra that could worsen my budget dilemma. Also, I should not discount the fact that every moment I spend with Coi is more to my treasures.
I just noticed that for the past few gimmicks never we did get complete attendance. Most of the time it was Jackie who was out of the scene due to her Maternity Leave  last week it was Isay and for tonight Xyra and me are both absent.
Even though I am thinking about a lot of maybes this time; I still wish that they will enjoy the night and that they will arrive home safely. Hopefully, next time would be a night of perfect attendance.

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