Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Am Happy

There's more to life for me to be thankful about, especially these days.

And I am just so happy, happy because:
  • We were safe from typhoon "basyang's" attack
  • I was able to pay my utilities (innove, meralco, etc.)
  • I got back my internet connection
  • I have got more commissioning job
  • I now have my own domain (big thanks Niko)
  • Macoi is doing well, growing intellectually active everyday
  • "Lola: is free from sickness
  • Tita is in good mood
  • I am secured at heart
  • I am healthy
  • Dadi is safe as well
  • My friends, families, officemates and relatives are out of harm
  • Etc.
In no particular order, I am thankful about everything and grateful that I am still alive amidst life difficulties.

Thank You Lord.

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